Our Story

From our work space in Beechworth, Victoria we make every single pin & ring. Judy paints abstract background boards, Ric laser cuts our unique shapes, Sam runs the websites & social media and Jacqui handles our wholesale orders.

We are a small family business having the best time making these because we know every scarf is looking for its perfect match.

It’s a family affair (as usual with us!)

To know Judy is to know she never sits still. If she’s juggling 4 projects then she’s having a slow day. Her creative flare isn’t matched by many and we hope you love your pin or ring & it adds some colour to your day.

Judy Pierce

Founder | Artist

Ric is the work horse behind Judy’s creative force. Ric continues to upskill in life and there are no signs of slowing down with his new expertise with 3D design and laser cutting.

Ric Pierce

Laser Cutter / 3D Design

When her mother says jump, Sam says ‘yes mum’ and that’s where this website comes from, high up with the Judy dream cloud. With a love for design Sam spends half the time reining in Judy’s ideas, and the other half displaying them online for all to enjoy. 

Samantha Pierce

Web Design / Socials

Jacqui got all the artist dna and along with Judy she is the hands-on creative one.

Jacqui Pierce

Artist / Wholesale

Adam is our tech genius (along with Ric!). A creative in his own right he makes some of our amazing metal items & he’s a huge support behind the scenes making sure all our technology is working. We can’t live without him!

Adam Pierce

2D Metal 3D Sculptures & Design

Artist, Judy Pierce

“I have loved and worn scarfs my whole life, and I have made my own pins & rings for a while. Friends would comment on them and over time there have been more people wanting them. It’s great for me because I love creating them. Each pin is unique. The more wild & crazy they are, the better!”

Judy Pierce, Artist

Beechworth Designer Gifts

Until March this year…. we owned & ran ‘Beechworth Designer Gifts’ a gift shop in our home town. For over 30 years we have created & sold products. We made pottery as One Tree Hill Pottery for over 30 years, then moved into design work with a golf, caravan and beach range called Tall Figs. Our shop in Beechworth gave us an outlet for all our creative ventures. Now we are excited to be 100% focussed on Scarf Pins & Rings.

Our life in pictures

We love having a family business. We work & play together every day! Grandkids, caravan trips, beach holidays, skiing, food and lots of gin make up the spare time when we aren’t making things 🙂